So she charges inside bathroom, buying Hoon Dong to open the doorway.

So she charges inside bathroom, buying Hoon Dong to open the doorway.

Gi Tae, whom attempts to end this lady, becomes struck from the nostrils. Ha, he legit injured now.

Hoon Dong release the door, but when she yanks they open, she views him cowering beside the toilet pan in fear. That whenever she sobers upwards, and realises that she treasured your by herself, unrequitedly, all of these while.

We move the police place, where in actuality the police are interrogating this lady on the stalking. She nonetheless tipsy as she answers that she didnt learn Hoon Dong didnt like the girl. She continuously disturbed by a drunk ajusshi, whom ranting incomprehensibly. When she requires exactly why he here, the authorities replies that he got drunkenly molesting various other company employees during lunch. Ha, mirrors.

Today Jang Mi draws a parallel between herself and the ajusshi, and she stops working in realisation (Im a stalker. ). HA. Exactly how adorable. Then again she insists that Hoon Dong mommy did ask the woman into the woman residence. She all whodunnit? it is funny.

We get Gi Tae shower scene (A Nah. They a bathtub.). The guy ponders Jang Mi, and now we discover some analepsis, for the guy made an effort to help her at police station. The guy pleads the police so that their off leniently, actually proclaiming that the nostrils injury got your accidentally wounding themselves.

Their bathtime was disturbed as a home agent arrives to display the dull to two ladies. One obviously eyeing your with glee. Ha.

Mother in fact withdrawn their book deposit, although he talks to their, the guy realises that she the one who welcomed Jang Mi on their home. Yes! Eventually.

Therefore are back to the first scene, however we come across Gi Tae detailing. He succinctly clarifies that Hoon Dong never rejected this lady upfront, but always vanishes as well as attempted a text content separation. Nevertheless the assess dismisses it all, and doesnt worry about the stalking. Ha. The guy most likely viewed enough daily. But she still liable for the lady drunken suit at French bistro, very the guy fines this lady 50000 won.

As she actually leaves the court, she marvels how she will be able to love again after that partnership. She views the person of the woman existence Gi Tae though, and he attracts their to his household, now advising her that she got welcomed by their mother. Ooh.


Plus it showtime!

A lot of this occurrence addresses Jang Mi stalking challenge, but framework aside, I think weve have the characterisation ready.

Jang Mi our romantic, she hell-bent on acquiring the girl appreciation. It’s an admirable characteristic, but she furthermore exasperatingly thick. This most likely makes up this episode 1 hour size, whenever it might have been 1 minute if she wasnt dense. Yet, and that I place yet right here because it is important, she a fascinating personality because she dense. Jang Mi not dumb, she doesnt perform logic-defying products. But because she couldnt bring their lame rejections, she appeared to be irrational.

Alternatively, we’ve got Gi Tae. He sharp, he abrasive, and more importantly, he gets points. The guy acute. But yet he furthermore an enchanting. Come on, he sympathises with this heroine actually during tub opportunity? She must consider plenty on his brain. Therefore theyre perhaps not polar opposites in the end. And they have amazing biochemistry in addition, Han Groo and Yeon Woo Jin.

Right after which there Hoon Dong. Aw. Little Boy. He a person with very little brains, yet Jang Mi flashbacks demonstrated which he have cardiovascular system. The guy merely hasnt receive the one which bring that heart of his out on his arm. Blondie (as D1 calls your), sick be waiting around for the redemption, aye?

Wedding, perhaps not relationships has experienced a tremendously profitable earliest occurrence. Allow merely expect that itll become that adorable cutesy yet tinged with that proper amount of issues kind of crisis. You’re going to be, appropriate, show?

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