How to make An Android Chat Software Using Firebase

How to make An Android Chat Software Using Firebase

With Firebase, promoting real time personal software was a cake walk. In addition to ideal thing about this: you don’t need to write a single collection of server-side signal.

Within this information, I’ll demonstrate how to power FirebaseUI to generate a group chat app you can easily give your buddies. It will likely be a very simple Firebase talk application example with just one cam place, and that’s ready to accept all consumers.

Just like you have thought, the application for Android os chat is determined by Firebase Auth to manage user subscription and sign-in. It’s going to utilize Firebase’s real time databases to store the group chat information.


  • The most recent type of Android os facility
  • A Firebase profile

Do you really need information on the best way to setup a Firebase account acquire ready for Firebase development in Android os Studio? Discover my personal tutorial Get Started With Firebase for Android os here on Envato Tuts+.

Now you’re created, you are prepared to learn how to develop a chat program in Android os making use of Android os Studio. Why don’t we begin!

1. Create An Android Business Venture

Turn on Android facility and develop another task with an empty activity labeled as MainActivity for your Firebase chat app sample.

To configure the project to use the Firebase platform, opened the Firebase associate window by clicking on gear > Firebase.

With all the Firebase system, it’s generally a good idea to put Firebase Analytics to the venture. Therefore, inside Firebase Assistant windows, go directly to the statistics area and press Log an Analytics occasion.

After that, hit the connect with Firebase key and make sure that the initiate new Firebase job option is picked. After the link is made, push on the put Analytics towards app switch.

At this time, the Android os business venture was integrated with Firebase statistics and ready to utilize with more Firebase service.

2. Put Dependencies

We’re going to use two libraries in this Android chat software signal task: FirebaseUI while the Android design service collection. Thus, open up the build.gradle document of this software component and incorporate this amazing compile dependencies to they:

3. Identify Templates

The activity_main.xml document, which will be already certain to MainActivity , defines the belongings in your home screen of software. Put another way, it will probably portray the chat place.

Similar to other group cam apps available today, all of our Firebase speak space Android software have the subsequent UI elements:

  • an inventory that displays the class talk information in chronological order
  • a feedback field where in actuality the individual can type in an innovative new content
  • a key an individual can click to post the content

Therefore, activity_main.xml must have a ListView , an EditText , and a FloatingActionButton . After setting them inside a RelativeLayout widget, their layout XML will want to look along these lines:

Observe that i have located the EditText widget inside a TextInputLayout widget. Doing this brings a drifting tag towards the EditText , basically vital if you want to follow the guidelines of product build.

Since the layout of the home display is ready, we can move on to promoting a design for all the chat communications, which will be stuff within the ListView . Begin by generating a new format XML document called information.xml, whose underlying aspect try RelativeLayout .

The format will need to have TextView widgets to display the chat content’s book, the amount of time it absolutely was sent, and its particular author. You are absolve to put them in every purchase. Listed here is the design i will be utilizing:

4. Handle Individual Authentication

Enabling customers to anonymously post communications towards speak room would-be an extremely worst concept. It can lead to spam, security problems, and a less than ideal talking experience the users. Thus, let’s now configure our Firebase talk software sample in a way that best new users can study and send communications.

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